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“You are a great teacher with amazing passion and conviction.” – Winnie Chan

“Thank you for such inspiring, motivating and enjoyable lessons! I don’t always practice enough, but I’m still learning lots!” – Helen

“I wanted to thank you so much for teaching me during the summer. It was a joy and incredibly helpful for ‘getting back into the saddle’ so to speak.” – Susanne

"Susan has influenced my life in such a great way. She is truly a teacher who is interested 

in, and in turn, loves the whole student-heart, mind, soul, body, spirit- for life!

I started flute lessons with Susan when I was 8 years old. Today, I am 53, still playing flute and we are still in touch. Now that's a testament to both flute and teacher!" - Allison

“You are such an encouraging teacher and you are really helping me get an understanding of this whole area of theory.” – Carolyn


“The impression you have made on (our daughter) in such a short time is truly remarkable. Your talent, personality, hard work and impressive organization filter through her to us! and we haven’t even met." – Anne


“Thanks for making it fun to learn the flute.” – Yvonne


“Thank you for your patience and your excellent guidance with the flute.” – Nadine


“Thank you for teaching our daughter. She is becoming a confident flute player because of your insightful and caring teaching style.” Prue


“Thanks for being such a great teacher!” – Marjorie

We appreciate so much your kind support and teaching of Sophie.. You are really a very good, friendly, warmhearted, and professional teacher. We are lucky to have you. - Helen


“I’ve had so MUCH fun learning the music theory from you. Thank you very much and I LOVE music theory - Sophia


“I am delighted to refer Susan to you as a flute instructor. Susan and I have a wonderful rapport, and given her warm-hearted, patient way with me, I am sure she has an excellent rapport with her other students.

I would think Susan knows more about the flute than almost anyone else alive since she wrote the definitive resource, ‘A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist’. Susan also has extensive knowledge of music generally.

She has tailored every lesson to my needs as I make progress. I appreciate how she is able to give me useful tips and demonstrations on technique, as well as detailed explanations (often with pictures) about forming the best embouchure, breath support, fingering and how to reduce tension in my body. Although I feel challenged, I do not feel overwhelmed. Her lessons are interesting and fly by far too quickly.

She most definitely enjoys teaching - it is a passion for her.

I know Susan continually strives to be the best teacher; she is always learning from other flutists and teachers and currently studies with Keith Underwood via Skype. She has just returned from a week-long master class in California with Mr. Underwood and attends the National Flute Association conventions every year.

Most definitely I would recommend Susan as a teacher and feel fortunate that she took me on as a student.”…… Barbara

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