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Hi! My name is Susan Maclagan and I’ve taught the flute for 35 years.  I teach students of all ages and skill levels. If you are looking for online flute lessons from anywhere in the world, or in-person lessons in Winnipeg and you are:

A Parent:

contact me if you are looking for flute lessons because:

  • your child needs help playing flute in the band or orchestra at school?

  • you want your child to play an instrument that is light in weight and can be played in many different situations?

  • you would like your child to earn an extra credit for high school by taking flute and theory exams?

  • you want your child to obtain a general music education?

A Junior High or High School Student:

An Adult:

contact me, if you are you are looking for flute lessons because:

contact me if are you looking for flute lessons because:

  • you love the sound of the flute and want to learn to play it?

  • you have already decided that you would like a career in music with the flute as your major instrument?

  • you would like to minor in music at college or university with the flute as your major instrument and would like to improve your skills?

  • you are interested in preparing for a college entrance flute audition?

  • your flute has been sitting in your closet for years and you’d like to play it again?

  • you think playing in an ensemble, like a band, would be fun, but you want to brush up on your skills first?

  • you would love to play your favorite songs?

  • you would like to learn more about music and flute playing?

  • you want a new hobby and thought flute would be fun to try?

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